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Pragmatics Report Template

with Sample IEP Goals
  • Comprehensive Qualifying Report Sample
  • Comprehensive DNQ Report Sample
  • Informal Pragmatic Language Observations
  • LIST of Suggested IEP Goals
  • Free Download and Use

Contextualized Assessment of Pragmatics

Observations Checklist
  • Informal Observations Checklist
  • Uses videos of social situations
  • Informal Pragmatic Language Observations
  • Free Download and Use
  • Based on Video Scripts and Questions

Social Skills Squad Program

Video Based Online Program
  • Peer Video Modeling
  • Auditory Visual Bombardment
  • Evidence Based
  • Nonverbal Language Exercises
  • Younger Children and Teens
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Power Up Outcomes with Evidence Based Practice SLP Conference ONLINE, FREE
August 3-5, 2020

Join us on August 3rd-5th, 2020 for our Power Up Outcomes with EBP Conference online: master class, high caliber presentations by Dr. Carol Westby, Dr. Plante, Dr. Temple Grandin Tatyana Elleseff, Dr. Tommie L. Robinson Jr. on sought after topics on theory of mind application to evidence based practice with assessment and intervention, culturally and linguistically responsive assessment and Dr. Adriana Lavi’s hands-on lab on social communication assessment and intervention techniques. Get 20 CEUs, 2.0 ASHA CEUs for free.


Use the Storytelling Power of Videos for More Accurate Assessment Results

Clinical Assessment of Pragmatics (CAPs)


Use the authenticity of real-life social situations to obtain the most naturalistic responses through an interactive and fun testing technique


Use a powerful and prolific testing tool that is both effective and time efficient. The CAPs is used just as any other traditional test. However, instead of illustrations presented in books, the CAPs uses videos accessible through an easy to use memory stick (flash drive). 


Rise Above the Norm. Use Interactive Peer Mentored Videos and Role Plays

Social Skills Squad Program

The Social Skills Squad is a video based PEER MENTORED program designed for children and young adults between the ages of 7 and 21. It is a rule based program that focuses on 2 key concepts: big heart and social mind.  Big heart refers to an individual's ability to understand, be supportive and demonstrate mindfullness and empathy.  Social mind refers to an individual's ability to read and detect social cues. 


Make Your Therapy Sessions Magical and Effective Everytime

Social Skills Squad Program

Teach How to Read and Use Facial Expressions and Vocal Inflections
Using Visual Bombardment, Selfies and Role-Plays

5 Key Topics: Sarcasm, Empathy, Conversational Adaptation, Negotiations and Compromise, Idioms and Expressions

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